JK - DI Boxes

Named after company founder and chief engineer, George ‘Jiri’ Krampera, the JK Series of DI Boxes andAudio Tools retain KV2’s philosophy of the best possible signal path from source to speaker. The JK Seriesconsists of the JK1 Single Channel DI, JK2 Stereo DI, JKA Single Channel Acoustic DI with Resonance NotchFilter and the JKP Single Channel Passive DI and Mic Splitter. Also included in the range is the JKT ToneGenerator, a useful solution-provider audio tool that will assist every engineer in the tuning and checkingof systems and components.

JK1 - Active DI BOX - Line Driver

The JK1 features two 1/4" jack inputs with mix or parallel function with a fixed low cut filter and 15dB pad. Phase Shift and Ground Lift switches are also available. The JK1 is ideal for connection of single keyboards, Guitars or instrument amplifier output conditioning or combining two inputs via the mix function

JK2 - Stereo DI BOX - Line Driver

The JK2 features two 1/4" jack inputs with parallel monitor outputs as well as RCA inputs. The JK2 has two completely separate channels and can be used with two different instruments, or stereo keyboards and other two channel sources such as laptops, computers and Ipad. The JK2 features a variable pad, Phase shift and Ground lift switch.

JKA - Acoustic DI BOX - Line Driver

The JKA is a dedicated DI for acoustic instruments. The JKA features a high-impedance 1/4" jack input capable of receiving signal from all types of pick-ups. A +10dB gain boost is available for low-level instruments. The JKA also features a tuneable notch filter for eliminating the resonant frequency in an acoustic instrument, reducing feedback issues.

JKP - Passive DI BOX - Line Driver

The JKP serves as a universal passive DI box with low output impedance. The JKP features one XLR input and two 1/4" jack inputs in parallel. The JKP is designed for multiple instrument connection such as keyboards, guitars or instrument amplifiers direct output. The JKP also features phantom power supply pass-through for condenser microphone connection and output signal Line Driving.

JKT - Tone generator - Phantom powered

The JKT is the perfect tool for checking and tuning PA systems along with various pieces of equipment. Phantom powered, it has one combined input/output XLR and one combined XLR and 1/4" jack output. The JKT delivers a full range of tones from 20Hz through to 30KHz, as well as both White and Pink Noise.