ESP Amplifiers

KV2 Audio ESP Amplifiers are concerned with providing the highest quality electronic amplification, based around purpose built circuitry and Topology, the lowest distortion levels and the fastest settling time, specifically to drive and control the KV2 Audio ESD passive range of Loudspeaker units to the highest definition and dynamic response.

Based around three ESP models, the range is presented in two and four unit-standard rackmount chassis, in two and four channel models, using bespoke Toroidal transformers, circuit design, amplifier and loudspeaker protection.


Audio Amplifier technology has improved at a fast rate over the last decade, the main aim being concerned with multiple facilities, built in processing power and remote control features as well as large power deliveries packaged up in lightweight enclosures.

Whilst admirable and offering many benefits to the end user, these products are still multi-purpose devices aimed at variations of applications in their attempt to appeal to a wider audience.

Even though these amplifiers are specifically designed for the ESD passive speaker range, their ability to drive third party loudspeakers provides unparalleled performance and quality and can be used as extremely high quality multi-purpose amplifiers for a wide array of applications.


ESP1000 - Rack mounted, High Definition Amplifier

The ESP1000 is a four channel rack mountable power amplifier specifically designed for optimised performance with KV2 Audio's ESD Cube / ESD1.10 subwoofer system. The unit contains four separate 250 watt amplifiers, two independent power supplies (two channels running off each power supply), four signal paths, inputs and outputs as well as limiting and equalization for given passive loudspeaker / subwoofers. Six independent configurations are selectable and it can be used to power any ESD units and other ranges of passive loudspeakers.

ESP2000 - Rack mounted, High definition amplifier

The ESP2000 amplifier incorporates KV2’s SLA design principles, delivering very low distortion characteristics, even under extreme operation. Equally at home as a reference amplifier in a high-end recording studio or driving a large-scale live audio system, the ESP2000 is a sonically superb unit featuring Class H amplifier. The ESP2000 incorporates the same cooling system as other KV2 amplifiers where only the heat sinks are exposed protecting the internal electronics. Robust enough for the harshest touring or installation environments the ESP2000 will provide years of trouble-free performance, delivering absolutely pristine audio.

ESP2000D Amplifier with Control & Diagnostics Tool

The ESP2000D is a two channel rack mountable power amplifier. The unit contains two separate 1000 watt amplifiers, two independent power supplies, (each channel running off each power supply), two signal paths, inputs and outputs as well as limiting and low frequency enhancement on each of the two channels within a two rack unit chassis. It can be used to power any range of passive loudspeakers as well as being specifically designed for optimised performance with KV2 Audio's ESD Series. ESP2000D is now configurable via the front panel or remotely using KV2 Control & Diagnostics Tool.

ESP4000 - Rack mounted, high definition amplifier

The ESP4000 is an ultra high definition 4 channel rack mountable power amplifier from KV2 Audio, specifically designed for optimised performance with ESD loudspeakers, as well as with other passive systems. For the ESP4000 all electronic circuit boards are first mounted on individual aluminium heat sinks, then on a secondary, internally sealed chassis, this leaves only the heatsink fins exposed. Two separate power supplies ensure increased reliability and continuous delivery of full power. Two shock mounted fans move air across the fins but never directly across the electronic components. This minimises maintenance cycles and improves the components lifespan and and reliability. The ESP4000 is housed in a professional 4U road rugged steel metal case with aluminium handles and evenly distributed weight.