global brands trust us for years;

while we trust in our quality, power and ability...

We are producing solutions for our customers with confidence which come from the experience of working with global brands and by their trust in our quality, power and ability… You can see a selection from them in this page. 

Who We Are

APRON TEKNOLOJI AS., has over 15 years of operational history, over 100 employees and offices in Europe and Middle East, as a global contractor of many brands for all of their chainstores built across in Europe, Africa and Asia. over 50 countries and 20.000 led screens; all turnkey solutions...

Our Team

To focus on turnkey solution! This is the key of our success. We listen to you, analyze your demands, find solutions with our professional team whose target is to catch the optimum point between cost and performance.


LEDECA brand was born in Technopark at University of Erciyes. That gives us power for continuous improvement with young and well educated human resource under orientation of academic management.


Where required, we do design and provide turnkey projects with all necessary supplementary products including frame design for any kind of metal construction and adaptation, hardware, software, substructure and services.


Just pixel pitch is not enough to talk about led screens. You can see many of our products before making a decision, ask questions that are in your mind, see the difference of LEDECA with your own eyes.



We have complete control over all mechanical and electronic aspects of the production process. Our products are compliant with CE, LVD, EMC, RoHS standards.

Production Environment

Apron Teknoloji has fully ESD comliant production area and all the products are protected for Electro Static Discharges. Not only ESD, but also all steps and processes take action according to IPC standards.


Each product consists on more than 100 kinds of component and each product has more than 5.000pcs components. All key components and materials have been stored in our 3 different warehouses as component, semi-product and product.

Off The Shelf Standardized

We provide standardized, off-the-shelf products that are optimized for application. Thus, we can offer the most suitable product per application, achieve standardization of quality, and provide fast turn around to inquiries.


We utilize the experience of our mother company in metalworking to construct the framework and construction necessary for your LED screens. We are able to design and build non standard curved, spherical or any other custom shaped framework.


That’s one of the most important production step, but we can not achieve 100% success unless our product design is perfect! Apron Teknoloji AS., develops LED screen solutions and produces at it’s own facilities with 2 sets of production lines.


Safety First

"Safety first"! is a key principle at LEDECA. Human safety comes first and is more important than anything else. We focus on safety on each step of the production process. Our facilities have the most current ISO standards in operational and environmental safety.