GALLERY - Indoor Commercial 

GALLERY is the family of new generation commercial indoor LED screen panels from LEDECA, for all vertical markets, such as architectural, retail, corporate, public transport, advertisement, etc. All products feature fanless, noiseless aluminum cabinets, offer premium quality at long operational lifetimes, ranging from 1.6 to 5.9 mm pixel pitch

GALLERY screens are made in Turkey, and can be shipped across the entire EU and EEC without customs tax, with short delivery and shipment times

All GALLERY products have CE certification from European quality labs. LEDECA also offers complete design, build and installation services for all indoor screens.

GALLERY products are grouped under two product lines:


The COMPACT line of GALLERY indoor screens are cost effective products, with basic options for mechanical installation

Pixel pitch:
1,5 mm - LDCISP01.5GA
1,8 mm - LDCISP01.8GA
2 mm - LDCISP02.0GA
2,5 mm - LDCISP02.5GA
3 mm - LDCISP03.0GA
4 mm - LDCISP04.0GA


The SMART line of GALLERY screens feature wide range of installation options with front and rear service. Some models feature outdoor level brightness for use under well-lit and daylight conditions. All products have full EMC certification

Pixel pitch:
1,5 mm - LDSISP01.5GA
1,5 mm - LDSISP01.5GAO
1,9 mm - LDSISP01.9GA
1,9 mm - LDSISP01.9GAO
2,5 mm - LDSISP02.5GA
2,6 mm - LDSISP02.6GAO
2,9 mm - LDSISP02.9GA
3,9 mm - LDSISP03.9GA