DOOH - Digital City Furnitures

The DOOH are turnkey, standardized outdoor LED multimedia totem from LEDECA, ranging from 2,2, 2,9 and 3,9 mm pixel pitch. 

DOOH feature rugged steel/aluminum chassis with vandal resistant glass door, and embedded players with media upload over LAN, Wifi or GSM connection, for 7x24 PC-less signage. They also have HDMI input and internal mounting points for industrial PCs and 3rd party media/signage players

LED modules are fanless and do not require active cooling. Brightness sensor is standard, other sensors such as impact, humidity, smoke, intrusion etc can be added optionally. 

DOOH screens can be installed free standing, or on monopole pedestal. They can have screen on one side, or both sides. Optionally one side can be made ready for static (print) signage

Custom color scheme and branding options are available for all DOOH models

DOOH screens are made in Turkey, and can be shipped across the entire EU and EEC without customs tax, with short delivery and shipment times

DOOH products are grouped under two product lines, and models with different screen sizes exist under each line, screen size: 1.000 x 1.750 mm and 1.500 x 2.500 mm.